Tearing down the house


Hiraeth is a Welsh concept of longing for a home which you can’t return to or one that was never yours. not necessarily a house, but a homely feeling such as love. It can be loosely […]

Tearing down the house – Autism

A letter to many therapists. When you try to tell a therapist your mother is autistic, many choose the attack: “Oh and why do you think that?”. They look at you in a threatening way. […]

Tearing down the house – 4

Don’t kick, hit, scream at or threaten to beat your children Don’t assault or scream at your wife, don’t grab her by the throat and choke her Don’t bully your family, don’t put them down, […]

Tearing down the house – 3

How often does a parent have to yell, scream and swear at their child, to do serious emotional damage? How often does a parent have to threaten beating their child up, to do serious emotional […]

Tearing down the house – 2

I’ve been purging a lot of emotions this weekend. Today, I suddenly felt very sad, jealous and I recognized a lot of self-pity. My brother is doing better. I met up with him and my […]

Tearing down the house

I’ve copied the title from my boyfriend’s blog, where he recently created a post with this name. Tearing down the house – joeplaa.com This was a private post. I’ve decided to make it public after […]