Java Applet – Game of Life

Below a little Java applet I created from scratch, based on John Conway’s Game of Life. Remarkably,the applet works better in Firefox (in which I tested it) than it does in IE. For some reason, […]

Uploaded some music

It took a while, but I decided to share this after all. These are songs performed by me. Click on the links below to go to the uploaded music: Recording of Angel Performance of Kayleigh

Disturbed Seas – A short piece I wrote a while ago

She raged, screamed, bellowed her anger throughout the sky. How dare he, how DARE he. The sea, which was hers and hers alone, had been disturbed. A vessel that once seemed so calm and beautiful […]

New layout

I’ve changed the layout and might be toying around with that a little more. If you see no changes, try cleaning up your browsing history, a cookie might be floating around somewhere. Also, I’m performing […]

Creative streak

What to do, what to do with all that white space on the walls…

Thinking in boxes?

Apparently, when you’re interested in your field of work and that field of work happens to include Mathematics and Computer Science and you even dare talk about it in public, you’re a nerd and you […]

Internship and languages

Last monday, the teacher I e-mailed with a request to help me find an internship in Japan told me that he already sent a few messages out. Even though nothing has come from this yet, […]


Tomorrow I’ve got a meeting with a fellow student who has done an internship in Japan. I would very much like to do an internship in another country, preferrably Japan. Unfortunately, there seem to be […]

Small Clowns, imported by Johntoy

Recently, I cleaned out my room and took three small clowns from the base of the window. The sun has bleeched their hairs and hat a bit, but looking at them made me wonder where […]

Mmm, swimming

The past few days I’ve decided to take some good care of my body. I already do, but I need to get more exercise. So I did by leaving my bike where it is and […]