On emotional regulation

When I was in Japan, I remember a friend telling me that I came across as very angry. And it’s true. I was. And I still am. I’m still so very angry. I’m fuming. Just […]

Tearing down the house – 2

I’ve been purging a lot of emotions this weekend. Today, I suddenly felt very sad, jealous and I recognized a lot of self-pity. My brother is doing better. I met up with him and my […]

On living an authentic life

I’m not doing it. There. I said it. I’m not living an authentic life. I’m so worried about what other people think of me, all the fucking time, that I make choices that I don’t […]

Tearing down the house

I’ve copied the title from my boyfriend’s blog, where he recently created a post with this name. Tearing down the house – joeplaa.com This was a private post. I’ve decided to make it public after […]