A tonsillectomy is a dumbass procedure that serves as a gateway surgery. By signing you up for removal of your tonsils, your parents signed you up for a religion whose central tenet is “If the engine light is blinking red, we amputate the engine light. Damage? What damage?”.

Children who have had tonsillectomies are more likely to have other unnecessary interventions that did not address the root cause. When they’re older they will have been desensitized to much that they agree to unnecessary procedures like wisdom teeth removal. They are more likely to use medication instead of finding the root cause of an illness or malady. They are more likely to have had multiple rounds of antibiotics in their childhood and adult life, wreaking havoc on their microbiome, without discovering why they had an infection in the first place. Don’t worry, medicine has a procedure or pill for you.

Inflamed or infected tonsils are caused by the food triad:

  • nutritional deficiencies (mostly because there’s not enough red meat in the diet)
  • food intolerances, most likely dairy
  • eating factory crap like sugar, empty carbs, vegetable oils and fried snacks.

Note: Each and every breakfast cereal is factory crap.